Photography is often Therapy


As I am a continuing education kind of girl and currently taking photography classes at our local community college, I find myself faced with a variety of projects.  Some are straight forward, but then there are those projects that make you step out of your comfort zone and reach inside yourself to see what it is you really want to tell.  One of this week's project is color and using auto braketing for lighting.  Thought is you have to take an image that would not work in black and white and tell the same story.  I have taken alot to date and yet have not found the one I am happy with.  Going back at it later today, with a new direction.  I like the direction I am going in, but it needs something.

I chose to shoot im memory of my daughter, Star Graclyn.  She was only with us a little while, but while she was, I knew she had a purpose.  Her purpose was to bring strength to her twin, Stormy and to me.  If she could give her life, so that her sister could live, there is not much I could do to make my life happen.

Bring on the Fall


Recently went on an adventure to a produce place near my home.  I found the colors enticing and begging to be photographed.  


Along the path I encountered my stalker, the Rooster.  He teased me with his strutting and brilliant colors.  

What a wonderful day, think I will have to go visit again



I have a school assignment to produce "Selfies".  In today's age, that should be simple, but for me, it is not.  To produce a self portrait is a difficult task for me.  Is it just an image of one's self? Or should the image, truly tell something about yourself?  Those are questions I battle with myself on each time I am asked to work on a self portrait and strangely as an art student, you are asked to do this in almost every ART class.

This project, I am going to work on images that involve who I am vs the image of me.  This will be challenging and exciting.  Stop by and check out the finished product, then you may understand me a little better.