Hi everyone!  My name is Patricia Zyzyk, most of my friends and aquaintances may not even know that.  They call me Tric, not Trix or Trick (though pronounced the same) or my all time least favorite, Trixie.  I currently live in the DC metro area in Northern Virginia.

I am busy at home with my husband of 28 + years, 3 grown children who are either in college or venturing on the adventures and 3 little furbabies.

I have been photographing for about 4 years.  I became serious about my passion and hobby about a year ago.  I currently am taking courses in photography and art so that I can become a better photographer.  Hopefully, I will accomplish this task.  My interest started by photographing my daughter on the softball field.  If frustrated me that as a centerfielder all of the photos were not clear or close up, so I wanted to shoot them for her.  Strangely, I have gone away from shooting sports photos and working on nature and portrait shots.  

I belong to a great group of photographers from around the world, SNAP THE PLANET.  I encourage you to visit the site and view the great work that is happening there. http://snaptheplanet.com 

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